About us

KABADAYA co. for Specialized Equipment is the local agent in Egypt for reputable international manufacturers specialized in Production of all Containers handling equipment along with ports materials which make us proud to be trusted and long-standing partnerships with our customers
KABADAYA As one of the largest container handling equipment companies in Egypt, we are an authorized dealer/agent for best-in-class equipment and materials,



We are very selective for our products & suppliers with Long/Strong term partnerships which we are very glade for that, we sold products everywhere in all ports at Egypt market , our main customers and daily Business & contacts are at all Egypt ports and to almost all companies involved at serving ports with great market share of sales in each product .

We are pleased to serve this large ports,maritime segment with the best in class, durable and dependable products that keep business moving.


Kabadaya’s strategy aims to keep securing a trustable reputation in Egypt market by focusing on customer requirements, and services, we listen to customers to provide a productivity solution subsequently selecting the best product to get the target

Our Sales service:-

  • New equipment and material
  • Used equipment
  • Rental equipment
  • Consulting terminal design Service

After sales Service:

—-Service & Maintenance—-

Our local qualified Service engineers and technicians certified by our principals and well trained inside and outside Egypt , since Service on specialty such heavy equipment often requires customer site visit along with special tools and diagnostic equipment,  kabadaya is always ready to come fully equipped to support operations working 24/7 on-site visits or even on call consulting services , we can cover :-


  • Assembly, Commissioning and start up new or used machines.
  • Site Supervision/ or remotely any installation jobs
  • Covering warranty Claims.
  • Any repair /upgrade/retrofits Jobs.
  • Any Refurbishment
  • Helping customer on planning maintenance & PM programs
  • Conduct training for customers either by our principal or by our local team , we offers a wide variety of training courses, taught by highly experienced technical instructors. We can also provide bilingual (English & Arabic )

—Spare Parts—

KABADAYA has optimized sourcing and shipping to allow for quick delivery and low cost to your business, therefore to ensure a quick delivery of spare parts, the following Warehouses are available:

  1. Warehouse Inside a free zone area ) Exempt from all duties and taxes)
  2. Warehouse outside the free zone , to cover rest customers whom have to pay duties and taxes

We don’t believe in downtime, Keeps your operation running smoothly with this maintenance plan designed for your productivity, :-

  • On-site service to ensure your productivity , Reduces downtime
  • Competitive hourly rates for labor and needed parts